We are licensed by the state of Michigan. We combine existential, humanistic & spiritual models along with energy work to help you blossom & live with purpose. We offer a safe, empathic space that honors your core values and brings you healing. We would love to incorporate your faith or spiritual practices into your therapy if applicable.


We provide individual, group and family therapy to both adolescents and adults. We specialize LGBTQIA concerns, gender affirming therapy, and non-monogamous relationships.


Existential therapy focuses on having purpose and meaning in your life with a present and future focus. I believe our hope is primarily achieved through our sense of purpose. 


The humanistic model focuses on the whole person and their potential, what motivates them and their needs with a look at the here-and-now and how that relates to their past.


The spiritual model incorporates their faith and higher power(s) into their healing process. I also use muscle testing with energy work.